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If you could improve productivity, lower worker’s comp claims, AND improve employee retention, would you? Ask us about AlertMeter!

Rocky Mountain TSG is a manufacturers representative. You save time, energy, frustration, & money by solving multiple issues with a single resource. 

We serve the following sectors:

Public safety
Oil & gas
Business & industry

See the manufacturers we represent below & download our list of lines we represent for future reference.

When you find something of interest, let’s talk to confirm it addresses your needs & fits your budget. Then we’ll get a demo & quote.  CallEmailLinkedIn.


Mountain top, rooftop, car top, we’ve got you covered. We’ve even got antennas for inside your building or inside your jacket.

Base stations – Public safety, LTE, GSM, IoT & more
Mobile – Glass mount, thru hole, or magnetic options for vehicles
Portable – Body worn antennas


Cavity, hybrid, tetra, multicouplers, & more

Duplex, band pass/reject, low/high band pass, Diplexer & Triplexers

Antennas, splitters, couplers, tappers, & digital repeaters

Feeder cables & accessories


Whether you need internet for your school district’s underserved community or microwave links for your sheriff’s office, we have what you need. Microwave links, cellular routers, radio modems, and more. Higher availability, higher power, better quality, lower price. What’s not to like?


24/7 heavy duty chairs. Good for PSAPs, dispatch centers, communication centers, control rooms, security stations. We highly recommend the partial footring to accommodate folks from tall to not-so-tall. A variety of colors & covers (alternative leather is highly cleanable, exclusively available in slimming color of black). C-Loop arms or swing arms. Holds up to 550lbs. Bariatric chairs hold up to 800lbs.  Six-year warranty. The best warranty you’ll never need.


Computer intrusion & incident response; policy management & enforcement training; security research & development; computer & cell phone forensics; network design; information risk & vulnerability management. DFS provides an autonomous response service for cybersecurity that detects and shuts down network intrusions, including zero day events, in under 3 seconds. Your IT department is the hero, we’re their secret weapon. You’ll want to add these products to your security stack. If you do DOD work, you’ll need CMMC, too. Let’s talk.


EAS encoders with CAP, IPAWS, WEA, Spanish translations, & internal radios. It will be there, even when  your internet is down.


NG9-1-1 logging recorder for audio & video; 100% content search; tags CAD data; real time facial redaction; facial recognition; weapons detection; QA/QI, & more.


Uninterruptible Power Supplies to provide clean back up power, whether as the only source for up to 72 hours, or a bridge between the utilty and your generator. All products are UL Certified. Indoor, outdoor, extreme conditions, or offices. 


Interoperability gateways; receiver voters; SCADA security;  & more. The new RSP-Z2 can bridge two radios for less than $2,000. Need to control more? No worries, add the RSP-Z2 Controller and you can control up to 40 Z-2 (that’s 80 radios). Essentially a distributed gateway with a user friendly interface. 


Customizable, scalable, proven, & reliable software-based IP communications for mission-critical & business-critical environments.


Communication Software for Health Departments, Cities, Police Departments, & Emergency Managers

City Reach is a new, affordable communication tool for Cities. It lets you:
-Gather granular COVID19 information (optional)
-Target communications to a single home, a specific HOA, a particular geo-fence, the whole city, or only businesses

-Communicate via, text, email,interactive recorded calls, social media, or smartphone notifications
-Monitor social media sentiment and communicate via social media, facebook, twitter, etc 

-Survey citizens with a tool that is easy to use and interpret #COVID19 #COVD19US #Coronavirus

Software for Police Departments

Could your department use more money? More time? Both? False Alarm Management (FAMS) recovers costs of responding to false alarms (90%+) and takes away 90% of the administrivia. What would you fund with those recovered costs? What could you do with the recovered time?

If you could predict crime more accurately, would you? Crime Disruptor uses your CAD data to provide more accurate predictive policing recommendations based on reality. It tells you where, when, & what kind of crimes are likely to occur. 30% accurate within .10 mile and a whopping 70% accurate within one mile. Crunch the number in minutes, not weeks.

.Did you know that hot spots for crime and accidents overlap? Reduce one, you’ll reduce the other. DDACTS benefits from Crime Distruptor. Your DOT will thank you, too.  


Alert Meter is top level impairment assessment before a shift or critical task. A small investment with big pay off: Lower worker’s comp claims; improve productivity; or reduce turnover. Win, win, win. All in 90 seconds. Let us show you how it’s done with a 15 minute demonstration. 


Improve your workflow. Streamline, distribute, and share video information. One-to-many. Many-to-one. Many-to-many. Good for PSAP positions, mobile command vehicles, control rooms, and conference rooms. With RGB Spectrum QuadView UHDxKVM, you use one keyboard & one mouse to work on multiple PCs & networks.


Satcomm enable devices to track assets and send data from anyplace to your RoGO portal. Wildland firefighters can monitor location of fire engines, water tenders, and bulldozers. No more waiting for reports back as to progress the crew made. Now Incident Command can have real time situational awareness. Turn wildland firefighting into a real time strategy instead of turn based. Being able to see where assets are allows better coordination and strategy to firefighting. Electric utilities can sense immediately when a line goes down. Oil and gas can know the moment an iron horse stops pumping. Water utilities can monitor watersheds, whether pH levels or water levels, you can read your data from afar.  Your temperature sensitive shipment can be observed while on the road with internal sensors for relative humidity, temperature, and location. We help you know what is happening in the field by allowing you to check factors that are important to you, when it’s most helpful. From fire danger to spoilage zones, RoGO Communication will save your bacon.  


Ruggedized tablet computers &  MDT’s for in-vehicle use.
Available in Win 7/8/10, Linux,  Android, iOS, & segmented hard drives.

Optional readers: barcode, magstripe, fingerprint.

Schedule Express

Ditch the binder, sticky notes, and headaches! Keep track of time off requests, shift trades, and training schedules with Schedule Express. A quick demo will show you how easy it can be. Available online and with an app, you’ll never look back.


Early wildfire detection &  notification. Machine learning, artificial intelligence deep learning, & infrared technology give you reliable fire alerts in near real time.


Rohde&Schwarz, Tektronix, and Viavi test equipment:
Handheld spectrum analyzers from 4Ghz to 31Ghz
Handheld oscilloscopes
Vector network analyzers
Directional power sensors
Power supplies


Winsted introduces cleanable workspace partitions to protect your employees. Click here to learn more.  Fixed or adjustable command consoles & technical furniture with GreenGuard Gold Certification. From design to installation we help you create the most functional dispatcher station or control room. Download WELS4 Design Software here. 

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Wireless Supply has carrier grade cable without carrier grade prices or lead times. Our specialty is half inch corrugated cable. We also have braided cable. And our own PIM lab. If you need BDA or DAS supplies, you need Wireless Supply. Click here to learn more. Wireless made painless.

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