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your Technical Solution Guide
  • You have problems...
    ...we have solutions

    • Rocky Mountain TSG is your Technical Solution Guide. As a manufacturers representative, we bring multiple solutions to you with a single contact. You save time, energy, frustration, & money when working with us. 
    • PinPoint for in-building testing
    • Total Tools for all your tool needs
    • Predictive Safety for employee safety
    • InVINtions wine for corporate gifts, or retailers
    • G-NAT fitness equipment for office, home, or gym
    • Other items like office supplies or a Biodigester for solving food waste problems
  • In-building testing with PinPoint

    This SDR (software defined radio) will improve your in-building testing. It's more accurate, more efficient, and more cost effective than current options.


  • Employee safety with AlertMeter & PRISM

    AlertMeter is sensitive to chemical, physical, & emotional causes of cognitive impairment. PRISM provides fatigue management with science and data. Let's talk about saving you money by improving safety in less than two minutes a day.

    #EHS #HSE #TRIR #CIH #EmployeeSafety #WorkersComp

  • InVINtions, a creative winery

    Whether you want corporate gifts or you run a restaurant, hotel, event center, or boutique wine or liquor store, you will like these unique European style, low preservative wines. Must be 21 and in Colorado to purchase. 

    #RedWine #WhiteWine #Winery #Wine #Restaurant #Retail

About Us

Rocky Mountain TSG has thirty years experience as a manufacturers rep. We know that your problems need actual solutions. We won't ever sell you anything, but we will provide solutions. 

You request information, we share, & then you direct how to proceed. You will never be pressured to purchase... except maybe from internal pressure wanting our awesome solution.

To name a few industries we serve: radio integrators, fire alarm monitors, transportation, cities, county, states, feds, military, DOTs, manufacturing, warehousing, transit, forklift drivers, healthcare, pole climbers, utilities, railroads, schools, construction, food processing,  mining, public safety, law enforcement, firefighters, paramedics, military, mechanics, pilots, baggage handlers, food courts, colleges, universities, cafeterias, dorms, multi-restaurant space, pharmacists, pharmacy techs, nurses, surgeons, engineers. 

If you need tools  (that's most people), we serve you. 

If you need to measure Public Safety radio signal strength (not as many, but plenty and plenty important), we serve you. 

If you need to improve employee safety (all people using tools, doing public safety, needing wine, and more), we serve you. 

If you need wine  (that's also practically everyone), we serve you (as long as you're in Colorado...womp womp...). 

If you need to keep your body fit   (actually everybody), we serve you. 


Rocky Mountain TSG proudly represents the following manufacturers
​PinPoint by TapHere! and Triple C for in-building testing
Total Tools for all your hand and power tools
​Predictive Safety for employee safety
​InVINtions, a creative winery for corporations, event venues, restaurants, & boutique liquor & wine stores in Colorado
​G-NAT vertical fitness for space saving health at home, work, anyplace
AR4 ​BioDigester for turning food waster into fertilizer or fuel for restaurants, campuses, cafeteria
Office supplies from Alpha filers to Z-fold sticky notes, you can get it all and only have ONE invoice per order

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