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your Technical Solution Guide
  • Here's some cool stuff you didn't know you needed:

    • G-NAT vertical fitness
    • AR4 BioDigester
    • Office Products (okay, this one isn't exactly cool, but you DO need it)

Here are a few of our favorites


You want to be fit, but you don't have much space in your schedule, your home, or your office. G-NAT vertical fitness takes up little space and makes a big impact on your fitness. G-NAT engages your ANS (autonomic nervous system) and puts you in sympathetic mode. That's the "freeze, fight, or flight" mode. Your body gets totally engaged, without the cortisol. More than 600 muscles are activated. It amps your metabolism for the next 24 hours. A workout can be as simple as 12 moves done in less than 2 minutes. It's a great pick up for the afternoon slump. 

Good for offices, hotels, airports, homes, gyms, pizza parlors. Anyplace there are people, there should be a G-NAT (or two... or three). It can be used by all fitness levels from toddlers to Navy SEALS. Each will have their own challenging workout.

A quadriplegic client was able to evacuate his own bowels after using G-NAT...hadn't been able to do that since his accident. 
A client with cerebral palsy is now able to get out his car without use of his cane after consistently using G-NAT. 

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AR4 BioDigester takes your food waste and turns it into fertilizer in 24 hours.
Use it on your grounds; bag it up and sell it; or donate it to community gardens.
No water. No smell. No kidding.  

Good for food courts, restaurants, corporate campus cafes, airports, malls, universities, schools, stockyards, slaughter houses, farms, marijuana companies, food manufacturing, grocery stores, game processing.

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Everybody needs pens, pencils, paper, and swag.
You can get that with Rocky Mountain TSG. BONUS: You don't get your invoice until you final item ships. 
Tell us what you need. 

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