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  • PINPOINT by TapHere! & Triple C


    ...more affordable.

  • PINPOINT by TapHere! & Triple C


  • PINPOINT by TapHere! & Triple C


    20V of power at your fingertips

TapHere! makes radios for the DOD.  Triple C is a radio integrator. 

PinPoint from TapHere!  is a joint venture to create the newest tool for in building testing. 

It's faster, more accurate, and less expensive than current solutions. 

With PinPoint you can quickly download PNG, JPG, TIF, or PDF floorplans onto a tablet; easily grid them per AHJ requirements. It accurately records RSSI on 10 frequencies at once (probably more, but we've not met anyone who needed to test more than 10). No spectrum analyzer required. Reports are easy, too. 
Click here for a quick video overview.  

Below, you'll find a one pager about PinPoint and a sample report.

With this technology you get:

~ Exact measurements (no more guesstimating or internal bias)

~ Automatic recording of measurements (no more transposed numbers)

~ Dynamic capture of signal waveform (no more wondering)

~ Simple report generation (no more hassle, just press the button)

You can now afford multiple units to get more technicians completing projects faster and more accurately. That means more profitability to you!

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Download sample report
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